Metal etching makes precision parts affordable and durable

Prec Etching Metal Company has been focusing on manufacturing precision metal parts and delicate arts and crafts. Chemical acid etching and photo etching are two main measures to make etched perforated metal mesh, screens, grids, business cards, nameplates and encoder disks and other items. Etching technology is an economical and affordable process to make precision industrial parts.

What benefits of metal etching products?

  • No burrs.
  • No deformation.
  • Durable and affordable.
  • Precision size.

What is the main material for metal etching products?

Initially, the etching material is just limited to copper. With the economic development and increasing requirement, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper and other copper alloys are widely fabricated. In fact, the material depends on the detailed application.

What products do you make by etching process?

  • Daily supplies
    Nameplates, business cards and metal jewelries can be made. Special logo, fronts and shapes are possible to be fabricated by etching technology.
  • Perforated metal products
    Metal screens, meshes and gratings with small and precise aperture and slot. The minimum size of the aperture can be as much as 110% of the thickness of the plate.
  • Precision parts
    Precision metal parts were very expensive cost for the complex workmanship when using laser cutting or other mechanical stamping. Etching metal, whether photo etching or acid etching, features manufacturing various precision parts for all industries like computer.

Products List

Etched Screen

Etched screen is designed with precision mesh opening and ideal for various filtrations. Stainless steel, copper, bronze and aluminum are possible.

Encoder Disk

Photo etched disk are often used in industrial equipment including robots, CNC machines. Photo etching features no burr and extra stress concentration.

Metal Nameplate

Metal nameplate by acid or photo etching is durable and resistant to all weathers. Stainless steel, brass and aluminum plates are available.

Perforated Metal

Perforated metal including screens, filters, grids and meshes are photo etched for minimum hole size - as small as 110% of thickness. Many materials are available.

Technology List